Our services

Civil law

The Firm assists and/or represents its clients in a non-exhaustive manner in the following matters:

  • Drafting of contracts or agreements : Rental leases, Sales of movable property, Loans, Business contract, creation of non-profit associations (Asbl) or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), etc.
  • In terms of Companies : Creation of Commercial Companies, as well as, the Drafting of constitutive acts and subsequent minutes, Representation or assistance before Notaries, Registration to National Business Identification and Property Credit Register, , etc. 
  • In real estate matters : Assistance, representation and/or advice on the acquisition, management and/or sale of real estate, registration of mortgages and their discharge, etc. 
  • Assistance, advice and/or representation in mining, tax, etc.
  • In Family Law : Procedure for adoption, guardianship, Drafting marriage contracts (advice on matrimonial property regimes), Advice in the event of divorce, Liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, Organization and administration of heirs, Drafting of wills, etc
Labor law

The Firm assists employers and/or employees and even trade unions in all aspects of labor law and social security as Counsel, during negotiations or during litigation proceedings, in particular by :

  • Drafting of fixed-term and open-ended contracts,
  • Advice, assistance and/or representation of employers and/or employees: 
  • Procedure in the event of dismissal, resignation, initiation of disciplinary action, attempt at conciliation, legal litigation, settlement, before the Labor Inspectorate and/or the Ministry of labour for dismissals for economic reasons, force majeure, etc.

Assistance and/or Representation of natural and/or legal persons, traders or not, by bringing cases to the first degree (summons, defence, etc.), lodging appeals (appeal, opposition, civil petition, third party opposition) requests for referral , etc. and this, before all the lower courts up to the Constitutional Court..

Criminal law

Assistance, advice and/or representation of natural and/or legal persons prosecuted for various offenses (common law, political crimes, economic crimes, war crimes, etc.) and this, at all stages of the criminal investigation (police, prosecution, courts until all remedies have been exhausted if necessary)..

The Lawyers of the Firm assist you before all criminal jurisdictions (Courts and Tribunals) from the pre-judicial investigation phase (Police, Public Prosecutor's Office, etc.) as well as before specialized courts (Court for children in conflict with the law).

The Firm also intervenes for civil party victims regardless of the type of offense (offence, misdemeanor, crime) or the penalty incurred (criminal imprisonment, imprisonment, fine, day-fine, custodial or custodial sentences) by defendants so that compensation can be awarded..

Administrative law

The management of administrative litigation by drafting appeals, referral to administrative courts against regulatory and/or legislative acts of both state and parastatal authorities, etc.

Business law

The Firm assists companies and individuals in the context of their commercial development in sales contracts until the recovery of debts and/or during commercial litigation. Also, the Lawyers of the Firm represent, assist and/or represent clients in all litigation proceedings before the courts that may be seized for this purpose (Commercial Courts, High Courts, Courts of Appeal, etc.).

Mining law

The Firm assists companies and individuals in mining law.