"A wicked man accepts bribe in secret to pervert the course of justice. Proverbs 17: 23".



"The fee is voluntary and spontaneous tribute of customer recognition," used to say the lawyers of the nineteenth century. A former judgment of the court of the Seine confirms that "the fees were a present in which clients who felt gratitude for their lawyer, acknowledged, indeed, the pains he had undertaken." This conception, inspired by the Roman era, is now outdated. The principle that all work deserves salary is recognized, it is universally accepted that the fee is not a gift but just remuneration for work performed and services rendered (the rules and practices of the Lawyer profession from Bar of Brussels, Pierre Lambert, Editions du Jeune Barreau, Brussels, 1980, p 326; A-1). Fair remuneration or what the experts agree today to call "the honorary right” is for the Advocate a factor of dignity and security and for him fairly exercises his profession of lawyer and for the profession the conditions for its enhancement. The Democratic Republic of Congo, as like most countries from whom it has inherited certain legal conceptions, dedicated the liberal nature of the profession of lawyer. But in a young country, without long traditions, governments are bound to some extent to intervene to promote conditions of dignity, security of the Advocate and the fulfilment in his profession to secure their future and competitiveness in a world constantly subjected to the merciless law of the market, led by the industrialized countries ...Download