"A wicked man accepts bribe in secret to pervert the course of justice. Proverbs 17: 23".


Civil Law

The law firm Banze & Associates assists and/or represents his clients in many ways but not exhaustive as follow:

- Drafting of contracts or agreements: Leases rents, properties' sales, loans, contract for services, creation of non-profit organizations (NPO) or non-governmental organization (NGO), etc.

- In terms of companies: drafting of constitutions, representation or assistance before the Notary, registration to the Commercial Register, National ID, etc.

- In real estate matters: assistance, representation and/or advice on the acquisition, management and/or selling real estate, mortgage registration and purge

- The assistance, advice and/or representation in mining issues, tax, etc.

- In family law: adoption procedure of guardianship, marriage contracts drafting (advice on matrimonial), advice on divorce, liquidation of matrimonial property regime, organization and administration of heirs, drafting wills, etc.

Labour Law

The law firm Banze & Associates assists employees and/or employers even unions in all aspects of legal issues related to the work and the social security, as weel as advices during negotiations or litigations process as follow:

- Drafting contract for determined and undetermined terms

- Advice, assistance and/or representation of employers and/or employees: Procedure in case of dismissal, resignation, opening disciplinary action, conciliation attempt, judicial litigation, transactions, before the labor inspector and/or labor ministry for the personnel downsize because of economic reasons, force majeure etc.

Civil procedure

- Assistance and/or representation of moral persons and/or individuals and/or in business or not by introducing business first degree (assignments, defense, etc.).

- For appeals (appeal, opposition, civil claim, third-party application) forwarding queries, etc. this, from any jurisdiction to the high court.

Criminal law

- Assistance, advice and/or representation of individuals and/or legal pursued for various offenses (common law, political crimes, economic crimes, war crimes, etc.) and during all phases of the criminal investigation (police, prosecutors ,criminal courts until final suit if applicable).

- The law firm BANZE & ASSOCIATES assists you before any criminal jurisdiction (court and lawsuit) from the pre jurisdictional (Police, Prosecutors, etc.) to specialized jurisdictions (Tribunal for child).

- The law firm intervene also for victims who make themselves civil party regardless the type of the infraction (Contravention, crime etc.) or of occurred charge (Criminal act, imprisonment, fine, privation or restriction of freedom) by the accused persons for damages to be allowed.

Administrative Law

-The management of Administrative Litigation by writing appeals, referral to the administrative courts against regulatory and/or legislative acts by state or beyond etc.

Commercial Law

- The law firm BANZE & ASSOCIATES accompanies companies and individuals in their business development from sales’ contracts to billing, cash collection and/or business litigations.
Also our lawyers represent, assist and/or represent the clients in all litigations procedures before jurisdiction that would assist for that. (Tribunal of commerce, Tribunals, appeals courts etc.)

Electoral Disputes

- Advice, assistance and/or representation of candidates (winning or losing), etc.