Me Jean Banze

Jean Banze1

High school diploma majoring literary humanities, Latin philosophy option at the College Imara Saint Fançois de Sales. Me Jean BANZE ILUNGA obtained his degree in Private and Judicial Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lubumbashi. He was admitted to the Lubumbashi Bar's internship list on February 3, 2006, sponsored by President Cyrille NGOY KYOBE, supervised by him and President John KALALA KABAMBA. After two years of internship, he was admitted to the Order of Lawyers at the Court of Appeal of Lubumbashi with distinction and continues to perform with experience, diligence, excellence and competence. Member of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) and co-founding member of the Young Bar Association of Lubumbashi (JBL).In 2014, he was elected Member of the Council of the Bar Association of Lubumbashi where he works at the Secretariat of the Order.

Mobile : +243997147426 - +243811670199
E-mail : jeanbanze@banzeassociates.com